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New Gaggenau CX 480 full surface induction cooktop
New Gaggenau CX 480 full surface induction cooktop innovation marks a world first as induction cooking goes borderless Purveyor of dream kitchen appliances, Gaggenau, has released an extraordinary new product – the CX 480 full surface induction cooktop. Marking a new frontier for the market and yet another visionary innovation from Gaggenau, the entire surface of the
cooktop is one large zoneless cooking area.

Gaggenau has now changed the surface induction cooktop landscape forever as the CX 480 cooktop bids farewell to designated induction spots and with that the restriction of needing particular sized cooking appliances.

"There is unlimited flexibility, convenience and ease of cooking with the CX480. One is now able to place pots and pans of any size in any spot on the entire surface of the induction hob," says Frances Lynch, Brand Manager for Sampford IXL, distributors of the Gaggenau in Australia.

The good news is that the much-anticipated cooktop will be released in Australia in Spring this year. Enthusiastic home chefs will soon have the added culinary pleasure of using their favourite cooking pots and pans irrespective of their shape or size on any location on the entire hob's surface.
Here's four fabulous features of Gaggenau's new CX 480 full surface induction cooktop that we eagerly look forward to:

1. Flexibility and convenience when cooking
Not only is induction cooking fast, precise and energy efficient – for those who enjoy
exclusive culinary culture there's soon to be the freedom of haute cuisine preparation
without the worry of boundaries. In fact up to four pots and pans can be placed on the
induction cooktop's edge-to-edge cooking area simultaneously. Another pioneering
technology is the booster function, which dramatically cuts the wait time to reach
boiling as the heat of the cooking zone temporarily increases by 50%.

2. Forward thinking intuitive and intelligent controls
A large TFT touch display with a unique operating and display concept makes easy
work of selecting cooking zones and heat settings with the touch of a fingertip.
Promoting ease of use, a key allows users to call up operating instruction hints at any
time. Another outstanding feature is the automatic recognition of the shape, size and
position of cookware when it's placed on the cooktop with heat production to that spot.
And if the cookware is moved, to another position on the induction surface the cooktop
detects the new position.

3. From cooktop to Teppan Yaki easy conversion
The GN 232 Teppan Yaki plate is a special Gastronorm accessory that gives extra choice about what you want to prepare and how. Because the plate is made from a multi-layer material comprising: stainless steel, aluminium and alloys heat spreads evenly over the entire surface.
Gaggenau's consideration of low maintenance has ensured the plate is dishwasherproof.

4. First place in prestigious iF Awards
The full surface induction cooktop CX 480 by Gaggenau designer Sören Strayle, won
the coveted iF gold product design award "kitchen/household" category presented in
March 2011, in the prestigious iF (International Forum Design) awards, one of the
world's largest and most prestigious design centres, based in Hanover, Germany. The
large TFT colour touch display, which indicates the size, shape and position of the
cookware, was awarded the gold iF communication design award. According to Strayle, "The cooking surface makes it possible to intuitively use the individual hob areas without having to think too much about it: here cooking can be just what it is – passionate and emotional. The technology takes back stage, although it's fully integrated into the whole. Perfect!"

Made in Germany, Gaggenau's CX 480 induction cooktop demonstrates the company's leadership in the hand crafting of superior appliances that inspire people to pursue their culinary aspirations. The induction cooktop particularly breaks new ground in the way it has incorporated a number of technical innovations in a sleek, modern design.

The difference is Gaggenau.
RRP: CX480 100 - $11,999
Accessory GN 232 110 Teppan Yaki - $849

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